Yep, I did it Again

Yep, I did it again!


W2W2017W2W2017Huffing and puffing on a 2m hand-held over the 6 mile course, this year I was once again pedestrian mobile for the 45th running of the Santa Cruz to Capitola Wharf-to-Wharf (W2W) race.

Thanks to Cap (KE6AFE) I was able to borrow his light weight Yaesu VX-2R 3 watt transceiver, and stay in contact with the local K6BJ repeater throughout the running of the event.

The race stated at the Boardwalk beach Coconut Grove with 15,000 runners. I think those listening on K6BJ could hear the countdown, and starting gun in the background, as I optimistically waddled towards the starting line with my running group.

I was able to keep in touch with Cap, Ron (W6WO), and Alan (K2ACK/M0WTH visiting from England) throughout the race, relaying sights and sounds from the course, and getting needed encouragement at the mile makers. If you haven’t experienced the W2W, it is dotted throughout with local entertainment.  I stopped at one local band on Seabright Ave. and High-Fived David (KG6IRW) before resuming my run. A big thanks to all the ham’s listening in, those on the course, and of course those providing entertainment for my run.

Crossing the finish line, I almost made my goal of 1 hour, but came up a few minutes behind schedule. A personal best, but leaving room for improvement in the years ahead.

Most gratifying was my walk from the finish line and down to collect my tee-shirt, I was stopped a number of times by folks saying they ‘enjoyed running and hearing a play by play (no matter how breathless) throughout their run’, and question about Ham Radio. Some runners I remember, others… well let’s just say after the first mile I was focused just on survival!

It would be fun to put together a VERY light weight GPS (yes, I carry a cell phone) to track and report live on the run. Maybe that could be my motivation for next year?!