It’s good to be back.

Hello to my SCCARC friends, it’s good to be back.

I recently had lunch with my son and his boss, both of whom are engineers
at a major firm specializing in auto electronic control systems.  Neither
have extensive RF backgrounds and when the topic of hacking came up I was
asked for some comments.  All I could offer was an opinion that some
alarming reports of remote RF interference should not be taken at face
value.    I suggested that RFI  from consumer electronics ( including ham
HTs) in a vehicle will more likely become  a problem  as their systems
become high speed local area networks.

The very day I returned home I checked into a webinar by Computer
Simulation Technologies  on Automotive  Electro -Magnetic Compatibility.
It covered the very familiar topics of radiated and conductive
interference, common-mode and differential modes and the means of
protection at 100Mbps. Most interesting was the ability of their software
to assess the impacts of such minor items such as connector pin-outs. This
outstanding presentation will soon be available as # 434316971 on their
website. You may need a password which was   ethernet.

73 Ron W6WO