Happy Holidays 2017

Happy Holidays

As we move into 2018, it is time to remember the past, look to the future, and be thankful. I would like to thank those who guided the SCCARC’s ship for the past year. Please take the time to acknowledge and thank them for their service when you see them.

President, Cap Pennell, KE6AFE

Vice president, Don Anastasia, AA6W
Secretary, David Copp, WS2I
Treasurer, John Gerhardt, N6QX
Board member, Linda Bittner, K6GRL
Board member, Allen Fugelseth, WB6RWU
Board member, David Steinbruner, WB6DWP
Board member, Gary Watson, K6PDL
Board member, past president, Suellene Petersen, K6CPA

With the K6BJ clubs annual elections behind us, I would like to thank the NEW batch of Officers and Board Members for stepping forward to sail the ship. We are all looking for your ideas and recommendations on club speakers, activities, and/or focused events, so please feel free to share them with any board member thought the year or when we introduce ourselves at the first general club meeting in January.

In case you haven’t met the new inductees, here is a list and short introduction to the new group of Officials and BoD.

Don Taylor K6GHA (President)
First Licensed: 2007 then graduated to Extra Class in 2008
Areas of HAM Interest: HF Radio, Contesting fanatic, Disaster Services volunteer, and into collecting ham stuff that glows.
Affiliations: ARRL, ARES, SLVARC, Northern Cal Contest Club (NCCC), IDXC Convention Contest Academy
Other Bio Info: Acquired my Dad’s call (Vanity). Born and raised in Santa Cruz, USAF, Harbor High, Cabrillo, and SJSU. I’m the trustee of NG6O.

Becky Steinbruner, KI6TKB (Vice President)
First Licensed: First licensed in 2008 and now holds a General Class ticket.
Area of HAM Interest:
Amateur radio ambassador thought Community Service. Community leader and advocate through emergency service in Aptos and Santa Cruz communities during 2013 wildfire evacuation by using Amateur Radio to communicate with family, neighbors and activation of local shelters.
SCCARC, ARES, CERT, Santa Cruz Red Cross
Other Bio Info:
Proudly supporting a family of Hams; Husband Dave WB6DWP, son Stu KI6TKA, and daughters Greta KI6NTL and newest HAM Bria KM6HBM, active in the community and community government. 

Linda Bittner, K6GRL (Secretary)
First Licensed: Technician license in 2004 with call KG6WWZ. Upgraded to General in 2006, and to Extra in 2007, with a change in call to K6GRL.
Area of HAM Interest: HF contacts and contests, and digital modes.
Other Bio Info:
Resided in the Monterey Bay area since 1992.

Cap Pennell, KE6AFE (Treasurer)

First Licensed: 1993
Area of HAM Interest: For fun, using APRS and email by ham radio (Winlink). To help setup and operate Winlink I’d like to visit hamshacks with MS Windows computers.
Affiliations: Member of several local ham clubs and ARRL and ARES.
Other Bio Info: Family came to Santa Cruz County in 1964. Retired from State of California in 2002.

Allen Fugelseth, WB6RWU (Board Member)
First Licensed:
1967 then graduated to Extra Class
Area of HAM Interest: I enjoy building projects.  I am almost constantly designing and building something. I have built a microwave station and made some contacts from atop Loma Prieta. I would like to learn and build more digital projects. 
I am the trustee for K6BJ and W6TUW. I am a member of the SLVARC, 50MhzAndUp, Microwave Users Group in the UK, and member of ARRL.
Other Bio Info:
I am a life member of SCCARC K6BJ. I started attending meetings when I was a teenager.

Dale Thomas, KC6ICM (Board Member)
First Licensed: 1990 from Art Lee’s class at Cabrillo.
Area of HAM Interest:
Just moving back to the area, and rekindling interest in Amateur Radio.
Retired Branciforte Fire District Fire Chief (1984)
Other Bio Info:
At an early age developed an interest in listening to “dx” AM stations, leading to High School electronics class and hands on Ham Radio under supervision.

Ned Rice, N6ZOZ (Board Member)
First Licensed: 1992 Tech currently General N6ZOZ. Original Call KE6ZOZ
Area of HAM Interest:
Handheld and mobile 2 meter and 440 mostly, APRS, slow scan video. Public service and events
Current Board Member of K6FB
Other Bio Info:
Past SCSO Search and Rescue Team (Explorers) then went on to Volunteer Fire Fighter in Bonny Doon. Retired as a Captain. My High school Teacher (Dan White) and I were friends until his passing. He introduced me to Ham Radio. Over the years, Ham radio has been a big part of my adult life. Before my Dad passed away, I was able to share with him my passion. He and I attended two different classes together, once to get his license as a Tech then again as a General. Taking these classes together help build our adult relationship, since my dad’s passing my sister acquired his Vanity call. At some point, I want to get more into satellite communications and possibly volunteer testing and teaching.

Please welcome the new Officers and Board for 2018. We are looking forward to a lot of fun setting sail with you, and representing you, in the New Year.

SCCARC 2018 President,