W6GJB September Club Speaker

Glen W6GJB will speak at the September Club Meeting

Glen, W6GJB, is a retired aeronautical engineer.  He graduated from Caltech in 1969.  His career started with research on the aerodynamics of subway trains and ended with the design, development and flight testing of inflatable decelerators for landing heavy (up to 60 Ton) Mars landers.  


Glen was first licensed in 1958 as WN6FQD and then WA6FQD.  After a long gap he was re-licensed in 2008 as W6GJB.  His interests are DXing, contesting in a limited sort of way, antenna experimentation, and county expeditions.  He started building an operating trailer in 2012 and enjoys going out with friends for Field Day, CQP and 7QP each year.  Continuous improvements to the trailer are aimed at making setup quick and safe for a crew of old fart hams.