Better Than a Flea Market

Greetings to one and all, this is an invitation to an:-
Open Shack (better than a flea market) event at my home in Capitola
Saturday Dec7 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pizza served for lunch at noon.
After 70 years of Ham Radio it is time for me to part with many Ham related items. Where possible I found the probable cost new then offer them at 50%.
In all cases I invite offers at What It’s worth to you the buyer.
Apache Labs Anan 100D an open source Software Defined HF Radio. The new owner will receive a 34 page professional test report on this specific unit $1,350.
I will send you a list of features via email if interested.
A SignalLinkUSB unit set up for K3 orKS3 is $75
Cushcraft R6000 HF vertical (20 to 6m) $225.
Astron 30A linear power supply $40
Alinco switching power supply 15v 5A individually adjustable $25
Diamond X200A VHF/UHF Base/rptr vertical $70. Mag-mount UHF /VHFvertical
FreeTalk wireless headset
50 Ohm 50 Watt Dummy load. N connector DC-8GHz $35
MFJ 281 ClearTalk loudspeaker RadioShack compact stereo loudspeaker
Many through-hole R L C components A 7×9” through-hole project board
Good collection of Surface Mounted components
Many lengths of coax. and several lengths of Al tubing- free
Collections of QST and QEX journals, various ARRL Handbooks and reference books
Fujifilm FinePix camera
Hustler mobile antenna, base, top plate and elements for 17, 15 and 10M $30
These are all in good shape, so hopefully my surplus will quickly become your treasure. Reasonable offers only please, of course no tax and shipment costs are involved. Sight unseen offers OK but I will send items only via a USPS Flat-rate carton.
Contact me by email if you have any questions 831 477 1021
Please come and have some fun on Dec7
Addr 4220 Gull Cove Way Capitola
73 Ron W6WO