SCCARC May meeting recap with W6JIM

SCCARC May meeting recap with W6JIM

Our guest speaker was Jim Crites (W6JIM). Using a PowerPoint that detailed many interesting facts about the Long Island CW Club.   This  PowerPoint program was recently used on Ham Nation.

He demonstrated the free CW computer program he uses to teach CW, talk about other free classes his Club offers, and end with their website and how to join. 
Jim showed these things by sharing his screen with our group.

Here is Jim’s Bio:

W6JIM, Jim Crites

CW Instructor, Long Island CW Club

Home Town: Walnut Creek, CA

Retired USAF after serving over 30 yrs.

“Hello, I joined the Long Island CW Club in February 2019 in order to improve my own CW.  I was invited to teach for them 6-months later in August.  I teach Beginner-1 and Intermediate classes.

In Beginner-1 I introduce the first 20 characters.  My Intermediate class teaches the back-and-forth protocol used in a CW QSO.  I have taught over 80 students through 6-classes and have just started a new class of 26 students.I love CW and enjoy talking about it!  I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss the Long Island CW Club.”

Below are links to the meeting in different formats. Very cool…

[Note: I could only get the Zoom link to work on my iPhone and Mac laptop – Ron K6EXT]