Field Day Details at Club Meeting

Club Meeting Friday June 19

K3RRY Will Explain Field Day During the Pandemic

I’ll be covering how to do Field Day during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ll cover how to participate from one’s own home and how to participate at the SLVARC/SCCARC Field Day site. There will be signups. I’d like to understand how many people are interested in signing up to work at the Summit Rd site. Would you ask on the club net? The current idea is to have 2-hour slots for both phone and digital and also to have some signup slots for simplex VHF, although the VHF slots will be limited to non-satellite times, until setup day when we will confirm that there is no satellite/terrestrial interference on VHF. Regardless, people in Santa Cruz will be able to contact us using their VHF HT over a TBD frequency. We’ll post a schedule when we’ll be listening.