A High and Awful Price…Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire

Last year at this time, thousands in our community were evacuated in the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, forever changing their lives.
I hope that you will all take a moment and send good thoughts to all those who lost their homes, and are still working to recover their lives.
Here is a link Bob Wiser (K6RMW) sent to a video made by a Camp Fire survivor who interviewed local emergency response agencies about what lessons they learned.  it is an excellent video, especially the Part 4 Lessons about communication….plan for 1950’s level communication.  Plan to be on your own because it is likely that no fire responders will come when you call 911.
That is one of the many lessons learned in the CZU Fire.
Take a look at this video and use it to begin preparing your home and family for a disaster that is 10 times worse than you ever thought could happen.
Please pass this along to others.
Many thanks to Bob Wiser (K6RMW) for sharing this on his website as “Lessons Learned” on  http://www.k6rmw.net.