New Home for Remote HF

George Badger, Jim Brown, Cap and I reviewed the antenna on the remote HF station.  The End Fed will remain.  But, Jim may build a second antenna which would be put on the Kenwood’s “ant 2” port.    Why not.  The two different antennas would give different performance under the different conditions.

I worked with 3 different computers in the repeater building and all of them had trouble resolving the switch (IP?) address.   The connection came and went.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the configuration is screwed up.   We need a different switch or a network guy to have a look at this .The Fusion repeater computer is not repairable.   The 440 radio will remain on analog.   Jason Kruse is looking at different options.

Cap and I moved the remote ham station to the repeater building.     I have band-aids on the network connection.  We will have to see if they stick.  If you can use the remote ham station, please try it and report on it’s performance.  The antenna should have low SWR on 10, 12, 15, 20, 40, and the lower end of 80.

Craig  Capitola Village  N6SBN