The fame of Samuel F. B. Morse

The Fame of Samuel F. B. Morse

I have just finished reading the novel The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. it is a fascinating mix of science fact, fiction and  mysticism. The painting  by Brumidi (1805-1880), in the dome of the rotunda of the US capitol building, depicts the ascent of Washington to heaven, mythical gods and scientific inventors.  I found a surprising reference to Samuel B. Morse, who was included in the painting  along with  Robert Fulton and Benjamin Franklin.  Evidently Morse was revered as one of the great technical pioneers of the era.  I think it may be the three of  them in the lower left corner. Unlike today’s digital-mode-of-the-month, Morse code remained essentially the digital mode of choice for almost 100 years. Incidentally Morse was also quite a well known portrait painter.

Ron W6WO