SCCARC Centennial Celebrations 2016

SCCARC  Centennial Celebrations 2016

(  Rev1.3  5/6/15)

Our Centennial, that began in the spring of 2016, provides an unprecedented opportunity for promoting our Club and Santa Cruz County in general. We could tell: The story of Wireless Communications and Amateur pioneers in Santa Cruz and show how we provide community services and extend the state of the art to this day.

We are beginning to develop details of a one-day event at the Museum of Art and History on September 17th Typically such events are organized in major tracks and sessions and this format is suggested as our model for presentations, demonstrations and associated activities. The major tracks that we might adopt are; Emergency preparation, Community Event, Contesting/ Field Day, Education and Technology.  To make this feasible a Track leader and Session leaders will be required.

On the public relations / public information front our activities will provide opportunities for world-wide exposure, for example a special event station and QSL card featuring Santa Cruz as a destination.

Above all our celebration should be fun, for instance concluding our one-day event with a banquet at the MAH
Contact our Board of Directors with questions, suggestions and most importantly offers to take part in the proceedings.

Ron Skelton   Centennial Activist   W6WO    831 477 1021

Here is a possible breakdown of the Technology track: