Help Celebrate our 100th Anniversary

Help Celebrate our 100th Anniversary

Greetings one and all, after 3 months of 90 + weather it is so good to be breathing cool clean Pacific Air

I propose to resume our CAKE sessions on the second and fourth Saturdays  at The Abbey from 10.00 to noon beginning on August 13
The June issue of QST introduced our new ARRL CEO  Tom Gallagher NY2RF.  His remarks included “I recognize that celebrating the past is the duty of a graceful steward but embracing the future is vitally important to bringing the art and science of Amateur Radio to an even wider community”

How relevant his words are to us as our club is now 100 years old.
The question is how are we to celebrate this special occasion ?  Club President Cap KE6AFE reserved the use of the ground floor of the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz  for the whole day of September 17th.  It is up to the members at large, to work together to use this time and space effectively. Clearly we have very little time to design a program and to publicize it.

As a straw man this is what I have in mind .
Formal presentations
A possible series of six 45 minute presentations in the Board room  with accommodation for 24

  • The life and work of John Reinartz K6BJ Ron (W6WO)
  • The Electraft Story Eric WA6HHQ)
  • ARES and community service exercises (Cap KE6AFE or Jerry AE6I)
  • Contests and DX events Bob (K6XX)
  • Description of typical at QRP 100W and full power stations ?
  • What the ARRL means to the hobby Bob (W6RGG)
  • Amateur Radio at UCSC  Kerry (K6RRY)

For the auditorium I envisage simultaneous activities

Exhibits of home made and commercial technology from the 1920s,to the present day.
Sale of member-only used new equipment, Display and sale of vendors products (I have alerted WA6HHQ)
Hands on demos of Amateur communication in action eg Repeater services,  Remote RF, satellite  and a combination of RF and combined radio and internet

Exhibits of software oriented to Amateur radio  eg satellite tracking,  antenna design,  propagation,  DSP design
Following the events
I feel certain a catered banquet at the MAH  would be of universal interest (Becky KI6TKB)

Publicity Bill (AF6OH)

This is key to reaching out to Bay Area Clubs and local community in general eg schools , police Fire etc

I expect that we will devote a fair portion of our CAKE sessions between now and Sept 17th ie Aug 13 /27  and Sept 10

Please plan to come, ask questions, offer ideas and most importantly volunteer to take part . If you can not attend these 3 CAKE sessions but otherwise have something to contribute please contact me by email

With your support It can be done !

73 Ron W6WO