Club Meeting Friday Nov. 18 The Election

Club Meeting Friday Nov. 18   The Election

At our regular club meeting on Friday evening, we want to accomplish our
annual board election and have fun again.  Please consider joining the club
board, as any officer or member.  We need your name in nomination for 2017,
and please attend this Friday meeting for voting in any case.  If you will
assist, before Friday please notify the nominating committee secretary
David, WS2I, <> and/or any board member for relay, or all of
us.  <grin>  Especially we are in search of at least a new 2017 treasurer as
our current treasurer Jake, W6JJJ, has become even busier at work.

At the same meeting Friday we plan to watch a interesting new federal
training video providing an overview of our Communications Unit (COMU)
within the ICS structure.  From the “Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Office of Emergency Communications – Interoperable Communications Technical
Assistance Program (OEC-ICTAP)” we will learn about the:
–ICS model as it applies to expansion and delegation
–Necessity for communications support in incident management
–Organizational components and structure of the Communications Unit
–Availability of trained personnel and how to obtain COMU training