A new tradition for Field Day

A new tradition for Field Day

A new tradition for Field Day?

Summer is a great time to clear out your shack and help others fill theirs!
This year at the SLVARC/SCCARC Field Day we had a ‘Free Table’ of books, cables, antennas, wall warts, radios and various additional donations.
Bill AF6OH made a generous car load donation to the Field Day event as a part of his early summer cleaning.

What did this allow our combined Filed Day event to achieve?

1)      Books and handouts for the GOTA station and other advanced topics. New or potential hams got to draw first from a variety of interesting beginning books on Antennas, operation, and general knowledge. Advanced publications helped others investigate in detail many aspects of design theory as well.
2)      Cables and Hardware were available for all hams attending field day. This allowed some folks to fill out their home station needs, try out some new interest, or just fill out their ARES go-kits.
3)      Some of the cables and hardware even found their way into action on Field Day!!

It was great to see the smiles, excitement, and gratuity from everyone who found a treasure from Bill’s generous donations. In fact, it encouraged a few other folks to pitch into the table full of ham related (and some not) items. Thanks to all who supported this first time ‘Free Table’ event.

It is with great thanks and encouragement that it is recommended to continue this new tradition next year! If so, please be aware that this is not an E-Waste dumping area. Please supply mostly functioning equipment and be prepared Sunday to retrieve your donations to help with site cleanup.