Sideband Exciter owned by Gino WA7NUH

Sideband Exciter owned by Gino WA7NUH


Tim Poliniak N2LCJ

Hi, I came across a picture in your club archives of a sideband exciter owned by Gino WA7NUH.  I\’m a ham located in Buffalo NY, and I\’m now the owner of this transmitter which is in flawless condition.  I\’d like to find out more about Gino, and the transmitter he built.

The man was a craftsman in the way he assembled this radio, so I assume that he must have been something pretty special in the local ham community back in the day.

Unless the club has a preservational interest in the radio for club history, I would like to honor his legacy by getting it back on the air.  Problem is that similar to the Heathkit radios of the day (which I have a lot of experience with), it has an outboard power supply but with a molex connector….and I\’m not certain of what specs the supply needs.

Look forward to hearing from you, God bless!

Tim Poliniak
Cheektowaga NY