CAKE Jan 13, 2018

CAKE Jan 13, 2018

Along with our stalwarts  Don K6GHA,  Kerry K3RRY, Reed  W1WC and John N5HPB we welcomed Matt Spevak  from Davenport who has expressed interest in Ham Radio. 

Matt’s initial question was how can I use Ham Radio while traveling? We briefly described several options and encouraged him to take the  next opportunity to attend the license classes Reed and others run frequently. Matt was given an issue of the ARRL handbook for 2005 to become acquainted with the basics.   Based on his technical background he is certain to sail through.  

Ron described the items donated by Jeff AC6KW and several found new homes immediately. A couple of 4ele 2m Yagis are still up for grabs.  Reed in particular was very knowledgeable about many of the items. Don demonstrated that the 6pin MiniDIN data ports on Yaesu and Kenwood radios are not necessarily identical . 

You may  recall that John has been renovating an ancient signal generator and showed an image of a sine wave it has produced. It looks good and Ron suggested close inspection with  a PC based O’Scope or spectrum analyzer.

Kerry brought a copy of a book describing the Apollo Guidance System that used an early digital computer. He explained why It was very challenging to achieve the degree of precision required with logic and memory of some 50 + years ago.  On the topic of digital logic  Ron mentioned reading how coupling between adjacent wires can behave as digital logic gates. (sort of bane to boon one might say) 

Gary showed the antenna analyzer project he has been working on . Details can be found on and the kit is attributed to K6BEZ. Congratulations on your hands-on efforts  Gary , looking forward to seeing it in action.  

A not-so mysterious item was a pair of split stator variable capacitors. These have  access to the individual variable an stationary sections of each item. Perhaps there is  the prospect of switching various combinations of series and parallel values of capacitance, in an antenna tuner. 

Don mentioned that for the meeting NEXT FRIDAY  Don he has arranged for 10 minute talks by members who have specific interests in Club activities . I will speak about  CAKE  sessions and will tell how special it is to be exposed to, the variety of interest and depth of knowledge, of CAKE participants.

 73 Ron W6WO