CAKE Crumbs July 27, 2019

CAKE Crumbs     July 27, 2019

Greetings one and all  Having just returned from my annual family visits I am pleased to be back in the saddle (or is it Harness?)

Delighted to have some new members with us David KN6DHW and Arthur KE6DRD.Plus some familiar faces.  Richard K8SQB, Steve K6SBW ,Gary K6PDL. Rene K6XW and Glen  KG0T both made special efforts which is much appreciated.  Glen waswilling to find out something on the uP used in the QRPLabs U3S digital mode beacon  as it could he problem in the  U3S Ron made about a year ago

David is considering a vacation by train and asked about Ham Radio en route. A dual band VHF/UHF fm radio is well worth having and I suggest checking the directory for repeaters en-route.

Gary has installed a back-up camera in his car which appears to do the job at a modest price. I am considering doing something similar as rear-view visibility in my Honda FIT is very poor.

Arthur came up with a mystery involving the behavior of a strip of Power Poles. True to our hobby the case was opened for inspection and testing, a faulty LED was located.

There was some conversation on antique instruments and radios, which I missed. Rene is the go-to expert on all such items

We have usually met twice/month on the second and fourth Saturdays however I wlll not be attending the next session on the 24th.

Have more fun 73

Ron W6WO

BTW I just had a birthday and became a 16 year-old boy with 70 years experience