Your New Board 2021


It has taken awhile for me to get used to holding the PTT reins of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club, but I am honored that you would re-elect me for my second and final year of public service to lead the Club.  Unlike many in the Club, I really struggle with Zoom technology, and am only able to participate in meetings  by telephone, but very much enjoy hearing voices of the new Club members as well as the long-time members who loyally continue to participate.

I look forward to serving you and promoting amateur radio in the new year.  Many thanks to the good folks who have agreed to stay on the Board and to the two new Board members for agreeing to join.

Here is your new Board:

Becky Steinbruner (KI6TKB)  President

Richard Adams (K8SQB)  Vice-President

David Dean (N6DTA)  Secretary  (taking over from John Gerhardt (N6QX) who termed-out after two consecutive years of excellent scribe service)

Allen Fugelseth (WB6RWU)  Treasurer

Don Taylor (K6GHA)  Past-President

Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE)  Member At-Large

Gary Watson (K6PDL)  Member At-Large

Many thanks to Cap Pennell (KE6AFE) for serving so well on the Board for many, many years in various capacities, agreeing to step off the Board to allow newer operators the opportunity to serve and learn about Club leadership.

We also have Standing Committees that are lead by good folks, and I encourage you to contact them if you are interested in getting involved, too!

Repeater Committee: John Gerhardt (N6QX), Nate Preston (KM6THA), Robert Ritchey (KJ6FFP), Craig Harlamoff (N6SBN), Duane Titus (K6TS), and Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE)

Membership Committee: Cap Pennell (KE6AFE)

Presentation and Programs Committee: Chris Angelos (KG6DOZ) and Richard Adams (K8SQB)

ARES  and Training Committee: John Gerhardt (N6QX)

RF Investigation Committee: Bruce Hawkins (AC6DN)

Website and Newsletter Committee: Ron Baldwin (K6EXT)

You can look forward to learning about Board and Committee members each month as we write about who we are and our involvement in radio.

Recently, the Board and Committees met to talk about our plans for the year.  We have great ideas that we think you will enjoy as 2021 unfolds.

Some members are already discussing a possible upcoming Winter Field Day event January 30/31, warming up with those CW contacts and operating from home.