Meet Your Board – Gary K6PDL

Meet Gary Watson (K6PDL),  who returned to the Board this year.  Gary is a volunteer in the County EOC and was publicly recognized for his outstanding volunteer work by the County Board of Supervisors in May, 2019.

We recently interviewed Gary:

1)  When did you get your Amateur Racense and what inspired you to get licensed?

After learning that morse code was no longer required,  I looked at the ARRL site to see what was required to obtain a license.  I have wanted my license since I was in high school when I was active in the pre-trucker days of CB and licensed as KPA-4120. I have had my ham license for 9-1/2 years.

2) What is your favorite Ham radio operating mode and use?

I enjoy operating from my car on 2m/70cm.  When I use a handheld radio, I have DMR radio which also is my main carry for analog and I use it for ARES. At home I work FT8, and when the band conditions improve, I’m looking forward to operating SSB.    When I find time to practice, I study CW.

3) What general area of the County do you live and/or work in?

I live in one of the steepest and deepest parts of Soquel  Canyon which makes any kind of DX a challenge.  In spite of the geographic challenge,  I have logged contacts from Kazakhstan to Cyprus, from South Africa to the Falklands, and the Galapagos to Thailand.  Hitting K6BJ repeater on 2m is a challenge, as is Happy Valley on 10m.

4) What made you want to serve on the Santa Cruz County Amateur Club Board?

I joined the board so that I would have some input on the future of our Club.

5) Anything else?

I am looking forward to the time when everyone who is fully vaccinated can get together for face to face activities again.

Thank you, Gary, for serving on the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club Board!