SCCARC 100 Years

SCCARC now has 100 years of fun

and community service to be proud of.

Our Centennial Year began on Feb 3rd and we have much to celebrate. A group of Club members has begun to explore possibilities and at this stage  Ideas and offers of support are needed before moving forward with a plan of action. My particular interest is the technical side of our hobby but of course there are many other dimensions  to promote our hobby and our locality, including Emergency Preparedness, Education, Contesting , Public Relations etc.  If your focus is on one these please consider gathering a few like-minded individuals together and begin to to discuss what you would like to include in an overall plan.

Please  note that the San Francisco Radio Club  is also celebrating their centennial this year and have a special event call sign and special and special events described on their web site

Unofficial and Part-time agitator

Ron W6WO