Chatter June 2016

Chatter by Art Lee WF6P


It is always sad when we lose a long-time friend.  Wayne was one of those who was always there to help when needed.  A ham radio operator since his boyhood, he loved the hobby and continued with it throughout his life.  Back in 1980 when I was first licensed, I looked to Wayne for any electronics information I was curious about.  He was keenly interested in the history of radio and during WWII, was a top turret gunner and radio operator in B-25 aircraft.  He had a career in law enforcement in Indiana and was responsible for the operation and maintenance of early police radios.  During his engineering career he worked for many of the large companies in the industry.  Wayne and I were contributors to Short Skip in the 1980s and 1990s when Northe Osbrink, N6KO, was the editor and publisher.  Wayne and I would drive out to Northe’s residence in Aptos to deliver our copy to him directly.  Often, Wayne and I arrived  at the same time.  I believe that Northe lived on Arthur Road at the time.  When he moved out of state, Wayne took over as editor of Short Skip.  He was very active in public events such as The Human Race and we participated as relays annually.  In the 1989 Quake, Wayne took the helm for ARES, coordinating all ham activities in the county both during and after the quake.  When my granddaughter Cheri, KE6BOP, got her Novice license, Wayne came to my home to give her the code test.  I was in another room when he sent code and I thought at the time that it was more like 10 wpm than five.  I don’t think Wayne could send any slower.  She passed and went on to get her General. When he sold his home on Graham Hill Road and moved into a mobile home park, he gave me all his antennas and boxes and drawers full of bits and pieces of electrical fittings.  Another of Wayne’s lifelong pursuits was that of Genealogy.  He and I worked together on some projects for many years.  I, and those who knew Wayne, will miss him.  73 old pal, from all of us.