Chatter July 2016


Chatter by Art Lee WF6P

Our July club meeting was held at the new County Office of Emergency Services, on Chanticleer Blvd.  We were met and welcomed by Rosemary Anderson, the County Emergency Services Manager.  She was happy to play host for our club meeting.  Many of us were baffled about how to enter the area, all doors, like most public buildings these day, being locked for security purposes. (Even the Santa Cruz Public Library administrative offices have keypad entry only!) Once we found the right door, we climbed the stairs to a magnificent facility.  Cap KE6AFE, met me as I entered, giving me a special first-hand look at our new Amateur Radio Emergency operating station.  I was doubly impressed with not only the proximity to the emergency nerve center but the work that has already gone into the station.  I don’t have a list of volunteers.   The mounting of the roof antenna requiring special work was particularly unique, involving dozens of hollow-tile weights to position and stabilize the antenna.  All coax lead-ins are to be fed through special “non-penetrating roof” access pipes, hampered by a few 90 degree angle bends to navigate.  Coils of new coax await their care and especially, “feeding.”  Much of the operating station equipment is in place, needing only power, and eventually, operators.  One ladder-line leads to the only presently-operable antenna for 2 meters.

The main County Emergency Services room is spacious and comfortable, with stations for the served agencies.  The super-sized display screen was used to best effect by a showing of field day photos.  Kerry, K3RRY, did the computer-show honors for us.  Approximately 30+ club members were in attendance.