Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio

Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio

New Year Greetings to one and all.

Here is a section of an email note  from a very good friend of mine in VE7 which I thought would be of interest.  I have only scanned the QST article on MDSR but it clearly deserves close study.
73  BCNU

PS  Next CAKE session on Jan 14

Ron W6WO

Ham Radio.    Well, I find some time to play.  Lately I have been more involved with 630 Meters.  Listening as much as anything.  I recently downloaded the WSJTx digital software program and find it quite fascinating.  I mostly let the computer do the listing HI. But it is amazing what the computer can come up with.  I rebuilt the 630 M transmitter that I use on CW and with a two IRF640’s literally hooked in parallel it puts out 80 Watts in Class D-E.  85% efficient.   When I finish building the transverter to enable me to use my Omni VI+ on 630 Meter I will be transmitting as well as receiving using digital modes.

On Dec 22 during the night WSHTx decoded VK4YB 21 times.  Mind you very weak.  -23 to -29 dB below my receiver/ant noise floor but still he is only running 5 Watts ERP and my 630 M Rx antenna is a 18 ft. vertical located in the quietest spot (up the middle of a tree) on my front lawn being the furthest distance from the neighbours house and all the RFI generating.

There is a fascinating article in the Jan 2017 QST by VE7DXW titled:  “Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio, (MDSR)”.  What I found interesting was that monitoring the Ham Bands they have noticed different occurrences of incensed radio propagation that is easily missed by just tuning across the bands.  I have yet to download the software MDSR group has developed but it something I intend to do in the future when I have some time.   You are likely well aware of this group and maybe even a contributor?