CAKE January 14

Notes from the CAKE meeting  Crumbs January 14

New Year Greetings to all

We began the  New Year with a big turn out for one primary reason. Our dear friend  Frank  K6BDK who is leaving us for pastures new in Bend  Oregon.  I have known Frank for a mere 22 years and many present go back much further. Frank has regularly attended our CAKE sessions and is well regarded for his acute questions and insights. We are pleased to learn that he will be able to put up some decent antennas and that we will meet him on the air soon. He intends to stay in touch

Those present to wish him  God-speed were  Bob K6XX, Ron K6EXT, Cap KE6AFE, JV K6HJU, Don K6GHA, Chuck W1WUH, Glen KG0T, John N5HPB, Peter K6UNO, Reed N1WC, David  KG6IRW, Fred KJ6OOV, Tom KW6S and Ron W6WO

The items of interest that were up for discussion included a module from the original computer used in the development of Fortran,  a GPS receiver in a very nice enclosure, a print from the 1900s of a CW pulse that went round the world 3-times and the QRP-Labs  WSPR/digital mode beacon transmitter.

Thanks to all for showing up today  BCNU in future CAKE sessions

PS  Thanks for the chocolate  CAKE  Don !

Ron w6WO