Ham Radio Technical Breakthroughs

Ham Radio Technical Breakthroughs

If anyone is beginning to feel  Ham Radio may have “had its day ” I suggest they look at the list of true pioneering  items on this current QRP-labs newsletter.

This newsletter can also be read online at http://www.qrp-labs.com/newsmar2017 

1. New VFO/SigGen kit firmware s1.04 has Quadrature output mode
2. U3S UHF DX: 4000+km on 432MHz, Hawaii to California
3. 24GHz Opera first, using Ultimate3S 
4. U3S 60m DX: First G-ZL QRSS
5. 3D printed QLG1 enclosure by Chris OE1CGS 
6. New ProgRock firmware pr1.01a adds serial port for configuration
7. Balloon flights and ZL1RS ocean buoy news
8. Peter G4HSO transatlantic voyage planned in April
9. Social media, Feedback, unsubscribing.

73  Ron W6WO

 PS CAKE sessions are fine opportunities to mix the old with the new, next will be on April 8th I hope you can join us