Strawberry Fields Bicycle Ride

Strawberry Fields Forever Announcement 2017

Heree’s a call for operators interested in working communications for the 28th annual Strawberry Fields Forever Bicycle Ride, on Sunday, May 21st.  The Strawberry Fields Forever is an organized bicycle ride with courses of 30, 65, and 100 miles through some of the most beautiful regions of Santa Cruz County.  The riders start between 7 and 9 am and the course closes at 5 pm.

Due to the winter weather we recently experienced, the road conditions are particularly bad. This may lead to an increase in radio traffic regarding cyclists with trouble. Therefore, we will need a full complement of radio operators to cover this year’s event with the quality that we have provided in previous events.

This is quite an event with different international themes, food, fruit and beverages at each of the rest stops.  Lunch is provided, and a hot meal is available at the end.  Top that off with fresh whipped cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate ganache.

As if that’s not enough, this is a great public service event giving new hams an opportunity to learn about handling radio traffic, and good practice for the veteran hams as well.  We are looking for operators to handle communications at the start/finish, at several rest stops as well as sag wagon support.

Support is needed at the following positions:

Pajaro Valley High School – XCZ COM2 will be located at Pajaro Valley HS, 500 Harkins Slough Rd, Watsonville, with Net Control, from 0700 to 1800
Calfee Design and Cappuccino, Beach Rd., Watsonville, open 0800 to 1330
Burrell Fire Station, 25050 Highland Way, Los Gatos, open 0830 to 1030
Royal Oaks Park, 537 Maher Road, Watsonville, open 1000 to 1430  ***Lunch Stop***
Gizdich Ranch, 55 Peckham Rd., Watsonville, open 0900 to 1530
SAG drivers, from 0700 to 1700
If you are interested in helping out with, please email me at  Include in the email your desired position and what hours you can work.

Then please go to SFF Volunteer Signup to register as a volunteer (for insurance coverage with Cyclists for Cultural Exchange).

More information can be found at Strawberry Fields Forever.


Jerry, AE6I