Greeting from Kentucky

Greetings from Kentucky

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What is of interest in the picture is, of course, the antenna, here it is at the lowest level of my crank-up tower. As far as I know it is a uniquedesign, the collaborative work of Dave KO6RS and myself  over 10 years ago.  It is a close spaced 4-ele Yagi with two driven  elements, one reflector and one director. The two driven elements act in a manner similar to a cell of a log periodic array and cover the frequency range from 14 to 18.2 MHz. Found some flat twin AC lamp chord with the requisite characteristic impedance. The antenna has survived over 10 years ofhorrendous winter weather.

Working EU is a breeze from here and today I was called on 17m cw by a G station who suggested we shift to SSB.  He commented that we had met whileworking in Jamaica over 40 years ago and recalled coming to my place for afternoon tea. Now that is my idea of social networking.

73 to you all BCNU in late Oct/early Nov
Ron W6WO

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