Dave Rank KO6RS SK

Dave Rank KO6RS, SK


The images are of both sides of a card handed to participants at Dave’s memorial service yesterday.  There, Dave’s urn was buried in the cemetery.  The small image under the Curie quote is of “the green flash.”  The card was put together by Dave’s son.  Two of Dave’s sons spoke at the service.
—73, Cap

My Memories of Dave Rank KO6RS 

I was intoroduced to Dave almost 20 years ago. and visited him at home in Aptos on many occaisions. Our common interest was the science of amateur (Ham) radio and in particular HF antennas. Dave introduced me to antenna modeling which became the foundation for our joint experiments from then on. We began to meet 1on1 regularly at Surf City Coffee in Aptos.

Some of our designs became sucessful projects which included a Moxon beam combined with a Yagi. Dave desinated it a MOGI. Another was a dual 2m 70 yagi which I laced with plastic ivy to become a steath antenna. The design of a 4 element dual band 20/17m beam used an unusual combination of driven and parasitic elements and still is the principal antenna  at my home in KY.

Dave and I often argued vigorously which I believe was good for both of us. He became a close friend and later on I only stopped visiting him at his request.

Old hams never die they only QSY


Ron Skelton  W6WO