CAKE Notes 2/24/2018

CAKE notes 2/24/18

Those present on this crisp cool morning were, John N5HPB,Kerry K3RRY, Glen KG0T, Peter K6UNO, Fred KG6OOV, briefly Gary K6PDL and Ron W6WO. We began with a  review of two topics raised by Ward AE6TY on previous sessions. The first concerned limitations associated with the famous antenna modeling software NEC2. One question was the smallest size of loops that EZNEC can deal with. The documentation defines this being a circumference .05 of a wavelength. Can anyone find a model of a small loop? Previously Fred had shared information about possible errors when using verticals.

Ward had recently mentioned an interest in copper-steel wire and our conversation centered on reasons when such wire would be appropriate. It was concluded that for steel clad in copper, it would be to combine the tensile strength of steel with the lowest loss due to the skin effect of copper. Wires of this kind are often used for long wire antennas. In a
second form, strands of both steel and copper are combined. This combination is know for its dimensional stability and use in multi-element wire antennas like an X-beam.

Kerry described his interest in making a wind speed indicator and this resulted in a storm of ideas from John and Glen. John mentioned his interest in products coming from QRP Labs like their antenna analyzer and GPS module  As always we discussed antennas, this time about those for deep space research. Ron wondered if a miniature steerable array could be constructed from a large number of tiny flat panels, individually addressable and with individual phase shifts; sort of RF IoT !

Our nod to antiquity was a discussion on early diodes and transistors. Fred mentioned his use of common electric house wire in building transmission line transformers. Subsequently Ron tested this wire and found that when taped as a flat pair their characteristic impedance was 116 Ohms.

There was some interest  in field trips and one mentioned was Point Reyes. Let Ron know why you might be interested to go there or other locations.

The Radiation Therapy obtained at CAKE sessions is free, organic,sustainable, artisenal, non GMO, a known antidote for most ailments, and soon-to-be world-famous. Come join us on March 10th

We will miss Warren NR0V and wish him all the very best .
—73  Ron W6WO