Hubble Talk and Event

Hello Local Santa Cruz Ham Club Members,


I wanted to invite you to a special evening and event on Thursday, Oct. 25th from 7-9pm at Cabrillo Samper Recital Hall in Aptos. Attached is a flyer and links to make your reservation.


This two hour presentation will feature three guest speakers focusing on Space related topics of Amateur Radio, Space Sciences, and Hubble Space Telescope missions. In addition, we will have a hands-on opportunity to make a radio contact across orbiting satellites This will be in the parking lot and open from 5pm – 10pm prior to, and during the event. Parking is free in Cabrillo Lot L from 5-10pm, in the church parking area, or on the street. All other parking areas are patrolled and you may be ticketed without a pass.


Our guest speakers include:

Ron Sheffield – the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Mission EVA Manager, who will share his story about training 41 astronauts for 6 missions to the Hubble Telescope.

Kristen McIntyre – ARRL Pacific Division Vice-Director, featuring an introduction to ARISS (Amateur Radio on board the ISS), a review of ARRL ISS STEM programs, and introduction to Digital Radio Communications, and overview of Scholarship programs available through the ARRL.

UCSC Students – who will present their CUBE SAT Program mission, design, and launch plans from the Engineering Department of UCSC.


To register, please have students (or you) use the link at: or use the button on the attached flyer for more information.


Your local Amateur Radio Clubs (Santa Cruz and San Lorenzo Valley) and Cabrillo Astronomy Club are sponsoring this event to provide a free, no cost, evening to celebrate the 28th year of Hubble operation, 60 years of NASA, 48th year of Amateur Radio in space and 45th year beginning with the STS-9 mission in November 1983 on the space shuttle and then on to the International Space Station (ISS).


Our mission is to show a path from High School, through our local Colleges, and into Space exploration and discovery. Please help us reach as many science students as possible.


Although this event is focused for students, there will be a few free general admission tickets available for hams, parents, and chaperones for the event. By signing up early, Cabrillo College Ticket will be reserved and available at the ‘Will Call’ ticket booth.


Hope you can make it, and bring a High School student with you!!!!


73, de Don K6GHA
SCCARC President