November Club Meeting Review

November SCCARC Club Meeting Review

If you were unable to attend the November Club Meeting last Friday, perhaps you are wondering what the Club decided to do about the K6BJ equipment upgrades proposed in the information I sent out in advance of the meeting.  To summarize:
1) Cap (KE6AFE) gave a summary of current status of equipment.
2) Robert (KJ6FFP) presented his information and proposals for the Club to consider.
3) Don (K6GHA) led a good discussion among members regarding what the Club wants to do and be able to provide for in times of emergency as well as regular repeater use.
4) An informal Committee has formed to examine more closely the issues raised during discussion, and will continue that discussion on December 1 (10am-noon) at the K6BJ Station while doing some maintenance on the equipment.  They will present some recommendations to the Club at the December 15 Club dinner meeting (6pm at IHOP) for possible action.

Please attend the December 1 work party/Committee discussion or contact Robert Ritchey (copied on this message).  We are asking for monetary donations to possibly purchase new equipment.  You can use PayPal on the website and let Robert know.