June Meeting Date Change June 14 and Speaker Announced

At the last board meeting it was decided that it would  be best to move the June meeting date up a week to accommodate Field Day activities.  Our guest speaker for that month, Ray Rischpater (KF6GPE), is agreeable to moving the date as well. Here is a bio and summary of his program for June 14:
The Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS) has seen a lot of use since its advent in 1984, and is the most popular digital mode on VHF today, providing real-time telemetry, position reporting, and messaging. A lot has changed since 1984, however — there’s an internet backbone for your traffic, satellites when you’re not within range of your local digipeater, and the possibility of working APRS using just a soundcard and PC, or with a stand-alone radio or your smartphone. In this talk, I’ll show you how to get started if you’re not already on the air with APRS, and maybe show you a thing or two you didn’t already know if you are!”
And the bio:
I’m a software engineer and author with twenty-five years of industry experience and sixteen books to my credit. Beginning with software development for mobile platforms, I’ve done work in several areas, including mobile, web services, building tools for mapping and geospatial engineering, and applying machine learning to geospatial processing problems. When not writing for or about software development, I enjoy writing, making music, hiking, and photography with my family and friends in and around the San Lorenzo Valley in central California. When I’m able, I also provide public service through amateur radio as the licensed Amateur Extra station KF6GPE.