SCCARC Board Meeting July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021 SCCARC Minutes
Board: Becky KI6TKB, Richard K8SQB, Allen WB6RWU, Gary K6PDL, Vince KM6YHE, Don K6GHA
Others: John N6QX, Ron K6EXT, Cap KE6AFE
Absent: David N6DTA

AGENDA for July 22, 2021 Board meeting
1) Check-in
2) Additions to agenda?
3) Approval of June 24, 2021 Minutes
4) Treasurer's Report (Allen)
5) Committee Reports
a) Repeater (John)[recent autopatch & 911 issue]
b) ARES (John, Robert)
c) Website (Ron)
d) Membership (Cap) [youth radios and assistance..Mallory KN6PHG]

6) Field Day (Richard, Becky)
7) Venue for Club In-Person Meetings (Becky)
8) Club Swap Meet & Club Shack Tour July 18 (Becky)
9) Club Repeater Batteries? (John)
10) Solar Power for Repeater? (Dave S., Becky)
11) Big Piles of Flammable Material Near Club Repeater (Becky)
12) Membership Cards? (Richard, Becky
13) International Lighthouse & Lightship Event (Richard) Club Sanctioned Event? Fox Hunt?
14) Youth Radio for Mallory (KN6PHG)
15) Club Budget (Allen, David, Becky) To be sent before the meeting, for discussion.
16) Discussion of Digital Station (Craig)
17) Wilder Ranch Event in October? (Becky)
18) Closing Comments, Items for future consideration?
19) Adjourn
Call to order 7:38 PM
Approval of past minutes
Motion by Allen, 2nd by Don, motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report. Cap indicated a bill for $12.50
Repeater Committee
John stated everything is working properly.
John had nothing to report.
Ron is waiting on content for the web site.
Cap reports one new membership Steve KN6DBX

Field Day 2021:
Portable restroom fee was paid. A good turnout with several guests working stations.
Venue for Club In-Person Meetings
Nothing has been found yet.
Club Swap Meet & Club Shack Tour July 18
The swapmeet was well attended and equipment from Glen Worstell KG0T estate sale raised
$87. Funds will go towards emergency equipment. A placque commemorating Glen will be
placed in the SLV repeater shack at a later date. Don will provide a report.
Fox hunt was put off due to equipment issues.
Club Repeater Batteries:
Batteries have not been tested, but are expected to be about 50% of capacity, capable of 17
hours of continuous operation.
Solar Power for Repeater:
Two solar panels have been purchased and donated to the club. Duane requires more
information on the panels for mounting, wiring considerations. Panels are currently housed at
George Badger QTH.

Big Piles of Flammable Material Near Club Repeater:
Cap has made a fuel layout, Becky will approach the City regarding Greenwaste removal and
Rick (Shakespeare SC) on future brush removal plans.
Swanton Repeater
John discussed possibility of Crossband repeater, requiring permission from Cal Poly for
placement. Anonymous donor has provided radio which will connect into K6BJ VHF.
Membership Cards
These may be done on laser printer stock, with a mail-merge process, inexpensively.
Distribution to be worked out.
International Lighthouse & Lightship Event (Richard) Club Sanctioned Event? Fox Hunt?
Craig N6SBN will run RTTY and Richard K8SQB will run HF Phone. Becky made a motion this
would be a club sanctioned event, 2nded by Vince. The motion passed.
Youth Radio
A radio for Mallory was estimated at $80, father would pick up the balance beyond what club
would contribute. Club to contribute $40.
Club Budget
Tabled to August
Discussion of Digital Station
DSTAR router is not working because it needs internet. Possibly check with Oliver (who owns
the equipment) if would be OK with him to house it in the County building. Vince will work with
Oliver and report next month.
Wilder Ranch Event in October
Becky has inquired with the state park.
Club Elections
Becky will seek nomination for new officers.
Closing Comments, Items for future consideration

Adjurned 9:27 PM