Sept 17 SCCARC Meeting Speaker: Mike Ritz W7VO (Past Club Prez)

“Every legal ham in the world has a unique callsign provided to them by their government.  But where did these callsigns originate, and what major world event caused them to become necessary? How have they evolved in the years since? Join us on a ham radio journey through history, as we discover “The Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign”.

Here is my bio:

“Currently retired in Scappoose, Oregon and very active ham, Mike was first licensed in 1974 as WN6HKP and earned his Amateur Extra in 1983. His main radio interests are contesting and DX, and mentoring new hams in HF operating. He was also President of the Santa Cruz Amateur Radio Club way back in 1981, exactly 40 years ago!

Mike is an ARRL Accredited Volunteer Examiner, ARRL Registered License Instructor, author, and seminar presenter on a variety of ham radio topics. In November 2018 he was elected Director for the ARRL Northwestern Division, (re-elected in August 2021), and in January 2019 as a Board member for the ARRL Foundation. For more information, check out his website:”

See you on the 17th!