October 21, SCCARC Zoom Club Meeting

Build a 10-meter Moxon Antenna with John Portune W6NBC
Great project for a new ham wanting to experience the coming peak of Sunspot Cycle 23. Also, for experienced hams — easily extended to lower HF bands. Excellent for portable and field day operation.

John Portune W6NBC
Native of Los Angeles, CA.
Licensed 1965, Extra 1972.
10 yr. resident of UK. MØGCK.
Commercial Licenses: GROL, General Radio Telegraph.
Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Oregon State University 1960.
Career (Retired) TV broadcast television engineer/instructor, KNBC Ch 4 Los Angeles, Sony Broadcast, San Francisco. Ham magazine author: QST (over 25 articles to date) and others.
Frequent free radio club Zoom presentations and live at ham expos. Active on HF, VHF, UHF – SSB, FM, digital modes, ham satellites.
Steam railroading, pipe organ and sushi enthusiast.
Married KF6OEB. 3 children, 12 grandchildren +.
jportune@aol.com, website w6nbc.com