West Valley College Electronics Flea Market report

This morning I packed in the last sale items I was to take up to the flea market at West Valley College and arrived about 7 AM to set out my stall.  Mostly re-homing a number of consumer electronics items with a few hammy ones as well.

Weather was good and cleared up early, sales went in waves, mostly at 9 AM, then again about 9:30 AM, by 11 AM it was mostly bargain hunters.  A couple of familiar faces stopped by and acquired some items, Don K6GHA and Bob K6XX, they were more successful than I in eluding the siren song of whatever it was my neighbor was selling out of an oft visited plastic tub labled: Phidgets / Weights

By 11:30 AM most of my sales had concluded and I was about to pack up, but not without exploring the contents of said tub.  Sales had exceeded expectation so I was feeling I could possibly acquire something very small if deemed necessary.  The board in the tub were Phidget 1046 bridges and a variety of load cells 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 Kg.  These we have all encountered without likely knowing so.  The items were part of a project in building a store where items taken from shelves would be known by their weights.  I acquired a couple boards and eight load cells each for a meager sawbuck. They look like they could have possibilities, such as measuring windload on a mast or such.

By 12 noon all sellers are required to be packed up and out of the lot.  Further information about the Electronics Flea Market may be found here:


Phidget 1046 and load cell information may be found here: