A visit to the California Historical Radio Society Museum

A visit to the California Historical Radio Society Museum

 The trip to the Museum in Alameda, included Fred KJ6OOV, Kerry K3RRY and myself Ron W6WO, began with breakfast at Zachary’s at 0700.  I had not known of this restaurant and enjoyed a huge well-cooked conventional meal. It is apparently well known for some more “healthy “fare. The trip over in Fred’s van was smooth and fast.

There was a vast array of really old broadcast  radios, some going back to the spark era. The majority of exhibits were on sale and they were clearly  attracting collectors,  I estimate  that only abut 20% were Amateur or military and there were some nice commercial radios, Collins, Drake HRO etc and home-brew items. A clean-looking Heath SB200 2KW amp, less tubes sold for $50. (K6XX chastised me for not buying it. Sorry Bob I am having QRP fun these days.

Some nice WWII items were also offered for sale and there was an irresistible free item section. Kerry was fortunate to find a mint copy of Terman’s Electronic and Radio Engineering Fourth Edition and also a miniature chart recorder. 

The extensive library donated by W6CF  (SK a well loved member of our Club) was carefully stored in the basement, Also in the basement was the AR88 that I previously donated and was pleased to see it in it’s new home. The future intent of CHRS is to feature specific exhibits from their vast collection

Since our previous visit a considerable amount of work inrenovating the building had been accomplished by  small and dedicated group but clearly there is much more to be done. One must admire  folks who “plant a tree with little hope that they would ever sit in it’s shade”

Ron W6WO