K6MMM Aggregate Club Score for Field Day

Whew! Field Day is over!

If you made contacts using stations at the clubs’ Monterey Bay Academy Field Day site in Watsonville, then your contacts will be part of the clubs’ Field Day score, which I will submit. (We used the callsign K6MMM.)

However, If you made contacts at your own QTH, then you used your own callsign and you will submit your own Field Day score. When submitting your own score, you can contribute your contacts to the K6MMM “aggregate club score.” You still will get credit for your own contacts, but your score also will become part of the K6MMM aggregate club score.

Here is how.

1. Collect the information needed for your submission.

2. Go to the form linked to below, and enter the data. Here are the values to use for the first four fields:

  • “Your Call” is your call sign (which you used to make contacts).
  • “GOTA Station Call” can be left blank.
  • “Location” is the ARRL section that you used in the Field Day exchange, which probably was “Santa Clara Valley” (find it in the pulldown under US Call Area 6).
  • “Club or Group Name” is “k6mmm”.

That last item is the important one. As you start to type “k6mmm”, the form will autofill. Accept the value “k6mmm”. Here is the link to the form.


3. Enter the rest of your information.

If you want more information about the Aggregate Club Score, then check this PDF:


I hope that you enjoyed Field Day, wherever you were!

Kerry, K3RRY