Upcoming CAKE

Upcoming CAKE

Season’s greetings One and All
Glad Tidings of great Joy !!

I have persuaded the powers that be at the Main Branch of the Library i9n SCRZ to waive their fee for their meeting room and A/V equipment. The library is located at 224  Church St, the room is at the upper level. Full details are provided on their web site , called LiquidSpace for some obscure reason

We have their agreement for  3 CAKE sessions,  January  16  February 6 and Feb 20. at our usual time 10:00 AM to noon.  That’s good news but even better news came from  an offer from Warren (NR0V) which  he describes as follows.

“I have just prepared a presentation that, circumstances permitting, I plan to give at Friedrichshafen 2016.  I believe this presentation would also be suitable for a local group.  The title of the presentation is “The WDSP Noise & Interference Toolbox — Theory and Practice”.  The presentation covers the various features of the WDSP library that can be used to mitigate noise and interference — both how they work and how/when to apply them.  I believe this would be of interest to:

(1) openHPSDR / ANAN hardware owners who have interest in effectively using their DSP tools (various filters, AGC, Noise Blankers, Noise Reduction) to mitigate noise and interference.

(2) Amateurs interested in understanding what is possible in DSP (basic and advanced algorithms) for noise and interference mitigation.

(3) Amateurs who want a refresher on dealing with noise and interference in general. “

This presentation  is now  scheduled for Feb 6th date  so I suggest that you make note of this This unique opportunity

As to the remainder of this year and library please note the following
Some free parking is available in a small lot behind the library located on Locust St. Metered parking in the  streets and parking garages near by.
December 19 usual gathering at the The Abbey
January 2      Please your self but I have guests so do not plan to attend
January 16 at the Library,    Open agenda but great opportunity for a presentation. I will  rattle a few bones but how about volunteering ?

Hope to see you at the Club lunch/Election  on Dec 13 th   good food and fellowship
PS Our sessions are wide open to visitors from the NorCalSDR Group and other local clubs
Ron  W6WO