Newly Elected SCCARC 2024 Board

Greetings all.  
Thanks to Cap’s prescience in suggesting the By Laws change
that set our 10% quorum requirement, we did have a quorum last night and were
able to successfully elect the slate of officers to lead your club in the coming year.

Our thanks to all who took the time to join us at La Posada in person or to log in
remotely to the election meeting via the zoom link.  The members below will be
installed next month during our holiday party at Woodhouse Blending and Brewing
on Sunday, Dec 17th.  (2pm-~4:30  families welcome).   

  • President                  Jerry Lucha               W6OJE         
  • Vice Pres.                  Ben Irao                    KN6NDM     
  • Treasurer                  Rich Cannings          W6RGC         
  • Secretary                   Mike Bryks                W6MLB        
  • At Large                     Jim Wason                KN6NCG        
  • At Large                     Martin Greatorex   KN6GWQ  

So thank you again for heeding the call and we hope to see many of you at the party.

Jerry W6OJE