January Club Meeting

Getting up and running with Allstar

Allstarlink is a method of connecting repeaters and personal hotspots together with voice over internet protocol (VOIP). Martin (KN6GWQ) will provide an overview of Allstar, how to operate an Allstar enabled repeater, and information on building your own Allstar node. A live demo will be demonstrated. If you have any interest in connecting to repeaters throughout the world, please join us for this presentation.

About the Speaker

Martin (KN6GWQ) is a computer engineer specializing in data acquisition, motion control and PCB design. Currently he works on helping maintain the K6BJ and KN6GWQ repeaters and is the developer of Ham Tracks (an Android APRS client). His interests in ham radio are presently APRS, repeaters, repeater controllers and Allstar.

Let’s rally and support Martin on this intriguing topic,