Nov 16 Board Meeting SCCARC

A regular monthly meeting of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors was held on Thursday November 16th at 7:30 on Zoom.


Jerry      W6OJE

Mike      W6MLB

Jim         KN6NCG

Ben        KN6NDM

Rich       W6RGC

Cap        KE6AFE     
  1             Meeting opened at 7:36  a little late

2              Roll Call

                3             Approval of agenda:   Approved unanimously. 

                4             Approval of Minutes of last board meeting:    Approved unanimously

                5             Treasurer’s report:  Deferred , $4977.77 in Bank, Preamp $130.90 to be reimbursed                                                                                   to Martin.

                6             Repeater status:   Allstar being added to 2 meter repeater, more may be done to                                                                                     change the antenna

                7             Nominating Committee Report: No new Candidates, and a majority of    votes will be tallied in person and on Zoom for the final  count.

                8             Meeting closed :     8:02       

                Minutes By Mike W6MLB