New Free Standing UHF – Corralitos Area

Announcing a new free standing UHF repeater in the Corralitos area.  This new repeater is not linked or connected with any other system, and is intended for a second operational repeater in the Corralitos region, especially during emergency type situations.  It is located at the same site as the 146.700 Corralitos repeater.

————— ————— ———— ———–
444.500 / 449.500 PL 94.8 K6RMW/C

The repeater is analog only and requires PL to access.  It also transmits PL on the output for tone squelch operation if desired.

Here is a current listing of all K6RMW repeaters:


146.700 / 146.100 PL 94.8 K6RMW/C FREE
444.500 / 449.500 PL 94.8 K6RMW/C FREE


147.000 / 147.600 PL 94.8 K6RMW FREE
147.945 / 147.345 PL 94.8 K6RMW/W LINKED K6BJ
443.050 / 448.050 PL 94.8 K6RMW FREE

Let me know if anyone has any questions about any of these systems.

Bob Wiser K6RMW, Owner/Trustee K6RMW repeaters