Other Special Events Stations

Other Special Events Stations

Here is something interesting, there are communities out there that
are currently celebrating 200 and 500 years, such as

(German special event station to celebrate the making of beer for 500 years)

(German special event station to celebrate 200 years of liberty of
I have a tough time understanding what it is exactly they are celebrating.
Perhaps someone can understatnd it better – hi hi

Our last talk on K6BJ’s history, with opportunities to view
radio equipment that was older the club – hi hi – Jim WA6DIJ generously
brought it for us to see.  He also invited us to take a tour of his Radio
Museum in Castroville – see Jim’s Antique Radio Museum at
There was also an opportunity to take a look at a reprint of the ARRL’s
first edition of QST.  The ARRL is currently celebrating 100 years of their
publication (first published in December, 1915) – I brought the reprint of
the first QST for show and tell.

Linda, K6GRL