The New 2022 SCCARC Board of Directors

Congratulatons to the new Radio Club officers, elected at tonight’s meeting.  We had 23 Club members voting, which exceeded the required 15% quorum of the Club’s membership of 117.

Here are your new Club Board members:
President:                     Craig Harlamoff (N6SBN)
Vice-President:           Shawn Rudnick (N7OTA)
Secretary:                     David Dean (N6DTA)
Treasurer:                    Cap Pennell (KE6AFE)
Members-at-Large:   Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE)
                                       Gary Watson (K6PDL)
President Ex-Officio:  Becky Steinbruner (KI6TKB)

Many thanks to the three outgoing officers for their service to the Club:
Vice-President      Richard Adams (K8SQB)
Treasurer              Allen Fugelseth (WB6RWU)
Pres. Ex-Officio     Don Taylor (K6GHA)