Many thanks to those who have stepped up to serve as leaders for our Club’s Board for 2022.  Anyone wishing to run for an office may also do so at the meeting election.
 Elections of officers will take place during this Friday’s Club Zoom meeting and installations will be at the Club’s outdoor gathering tentatively set for Sunday, December 19, 11am-2pm in Anna Jean Cummings Park in Soquel.
Here is the 2022 slate of officers, but we welcome any and all volunteers who would like to be considered as well:
President:                     Craig Harlamoff (N6SBN)
Vice-President:           Shawn Rudnick (N7OTA)
Secretary:                     David Dean (N6DTA)
Treasurer:                    Cap Pennell (KE6AFE)
Members-at-Large:   Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE)
                                       Gary Watson (K6PDL)
President Ex-Officio:  Becky Steinbruner (KI6TKB)
Club members attending the meeting may vote.  No proxy votes will be accepted.


Don’t miss this Friday’s SCCARC Zoom meeting at 7:30pm!  Guest speaker John Portune (W6NBC) will be giving a great presentation about “Automatic auto tuners and particularly why should I buy a remote auto tuner?”
You may remember John’s excellent presentation to our Club in March about Slot Antennas.
Here is John’s Bio:
John Portune, W6NBC, has a life dedicated to education from his early days at a British grammer school teacher to his current one day, all day, ham radio classes where hundreds of people have gotten their first licenses.  Lecturing and public speaking, especially on Amateur radio topics to any group that will have him drive John’s contributions to the hobby. Amateur radio has always played a central role in John’s social and professional life.
John was first licensed in 1965, and has held callsigns of WB6ZCT, G5AJH, AA6NG.  He operates on an Icomm IC-706 and has an all-band flagpole disguise antenna that he built.
Goldcoast Net
W6AB – Satellite Amateur Radio Club – this Club has the Internet remote base station, using the Kenwood TS-2000 on the property of Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Don’t miss John’s excellent presentation about Auto Tuners at this Friday’s Zoom meeting.  Watch for the Zoom access information later this week in a reminder.
 Many thanks to David N6DTA for organizing the online survey that allowed our group to vote for the topic from the many possible options John made available.