Watsonville 147.945 repeater status update

As I’m sure you all know, the Watsonville 147.945 linked repeater was taken out of service a few weeks ago due to the sale of the tower at Fire Station II.

The repeater has been transported to my home shop and re packaged into a simpler foot print.  I am attempting to put it back on the air shortly in a temporary location, utilizing the make-shift link.

The new anticipated location for the repeater is going to be the roof of the Watsonville Hospital.  WCH management has given their blessing and will not require any rent.  Several path studies have been run and the simplex UHF link path appears to be as good as was the case at the Fire Station location.

In order to make an installation into the Hospital building, management has informed me that a set of plans will need to be generated and approved by a State Hospital Management agency before we can cut a hole for coax entry into the radio vault.  Once we get an approval that Hospital Management said they would press for, the hospital staff said they would do the work to create the coax entry hole.  

I’ll put out another status update as soon as there’s a change to report.  K6BJ can currently be accessed from the Pajaro Valley region using the K6RMW 443.050 repeater; PL 94.8.  The repeater is being disabled on Sunday evenings to help with the Internet based nets.

73 . . .
Bob Wiser K6RMW