Field Day 2023 revised

Field Day 2023

June 3, 2023 by Kerry K3RRY

The San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club and the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club have joined forces for Amateur Radio Field Day 2023 (info) in La Selva Beach, CA. We will be operating on Saturday, June 24, and on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

We will be at a private location, but you are invited to use this form to register for access to the site on or before June 19. Use the form to let us know which days you will be visiting us. Before the event we will send you the driving directions by email.

  • Friday, June 23 (setup day)
  • Saturday, June 24 (day #1 of operations)
  • Sunday, June 25 (day #2 of operations and teardown)

We plan on having several different radio stations, including phone (voice), CW (Morse code), satellite(that’s right, communicating through an orbiting-the-Earth satellite), digitalVHF, and—if you are not a ham—a GOTA (“get on the air”) station that is staffed with a coach.


  • “What is the address of the event?” We are meeting at a private location. The site requires us to provide them with a list of individuals to allow entry. We’d love to see you there, and so you can sign up using this form by June 19. We’ll send you the driving directions by email before the event.
  • “Oh, that’s okay. I heard that it’s at ______. See you there!” Uh, wait. The guard at the entrance of the location will have the list of who submitted the form, and they won’t let you in unless you are on the list. So how about signing up now? 
  • “Why isn’t this year’s Field Day at (insert name of prime location)?” Each year’s Field Day location is selected from a list of offered sites. Next year, if you are in a position to host us, let us know, and we’d love to consider your location! That said, this year’s site is fantastic, and we look forward to seeing you there (why not sign up now so that you don’t forget?). 
  • “I signed up earlier and didn’t get a confirmation email. Am I signed up?” Originally we hadn’t enabled the confirmation feature of the Google Form that we are using. I enabled it on June 3, and I just sent confirmation emails to the 15 folks who already had signed up. So . . . if you are signing up after June 3, then you should have gotten a confirmation email; if you signed up before June 3, and you didn’t get my manual confirmation email, how about trying to sign up again?