SCCARC Meeting: Guest Speaker John Portune (W6NBC)

This Friday, March 19, Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club Zoom Meeting, 7:30pm

What is a Slot Antenna?

Definition: A type of antenna with an opening cut of certain dimensions in a metallic conductor which is excited using a two-wire transmission line or coaxial cable is known as a slot antenna. These antennas operate in the frequency ranging between 300 MHz to 30 GHz.
John has been featured on many HamNation episodes, discussing a wide variety of antennas.  The beauty of the Slot Antenna is that it is stealthy…so your HOA neighbors won’t be bothered!
One look at John’s impressive bio in the attachment below will clue you in to know what a treat we have in store for our March 19 Club meeting.  Many thanks to Vice-President Richard (K8SQB) for making all arrangements!
73, Becky KI6TKB. President

John Portune W6NBC


Native of Los Angeles, CA.

Licensed 1965, Extra 1972.

10 yr. resident of UK. British license MØGCK.

Commercial Licenses: GROL, General RadioTelegraph.

Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Oregon StateUniversity 1960.

Career (Retired) TV broadcast television engineer/instructor, KNBC Ch 4 Burbank, CA, Sony Broadcast, San Francisco.

Team Leader, radio license testing. “Ham License in One Day”. VE Laurel VEC, ARRL, W5YI. Commercial CE.

Published magazine author: QST (25 articles to Oct. 2020), World Radio, 73 and others.

5 QST Cover Plaque Awards. First Place (VHF) 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition, QST Cover Oct. 2019

Active on HF, VHF, UHF – SSB, FM, digitalmodes, ham satellites.

Frequent speaker at ham radio clubs, webinars. Free remote teleconference club presentations.

Steam railroading, pipe organ and sushi enthusiast. Married. 3 children, 12 grandchildren +.,