Control Codes

K6BJ 2-Meter Repeater User Control Codes

Rev 6 N6QX 12 Mar 2021

Before using any of these features:
• Listen for at least 30 seconds to ensure the repeater is not in use.
• Identify.
Phone Patch
831 nnn nnnn Phone Patch dial command, where nnn nnnn is the telephone number to be called.
73 Hang up the phone. Please identify.
78911 EMERGENCY. Calls the 911 Emergency Center.
** Patch Extend. Resets phone patch time-out timer. May be sent at any time during a
call. Should be sent immediately if you hear a warning beep during a long call.

IRLP and Echolink
K6BJ is connected to IRLP Node 3318.
33 nnnn IRLP Connection Request, where nnnn is the IRLP node.
73 Ends the connection. Please identify.
*nnnnnn Echolink Connection Request, where nnnnn is the Echolink node.
73 Ends the connection. Please identify.

Function Control Codes
767 Time Request: The repeater announces what it believes is the current time.
768 Temperature Request: Repeater announces the current outside and equipment rack


769 Voltage Request: The repeater announces the current AC and battery voltages.
729 nnnnn DTMF Dial Pad Test, where nnnnn is between 1 and 16 digits on your tone dial pad. The
repeater will read back the digits you pressed. The letter ‘D’ on the touchtone pad cannot be
read back.

28* Signal Replay. Enter the 28* command and release PTT. The repeater prompts with
“Ready.” Press PTT and talk for up to 10 seconds, then release PTT. The repeater will play
back your received signal so you can hear the quality of your signal received by the

Pleased report repeater problems to John, N6QX, at